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3 errors that can “bankrupt” you when playing online slots

Avoid these mistakes when playing online slots to increase your chances of winning. Slots are undoubtedly the most spectacular games in the portfolio of online casinos and can be a much more entertaining alternative to classic table games such as roulette and blackjack. The big disadvantage of slots is that there is no system that can be put into practice and that offers at least a small advantage over the house. However, even though luck plays the most important role in slots, there are small adjustments you can make while playing to increase your chances of winning, or at least not losing too much in one session.

Top gambling mistakes – You use the doubling function (gamble) or you do it too often

You have probably come across slots that offer you the possibility to double your winnings after a spin through the “gamble” or “double” function, similar to that of Video Poker, where you generally have to guess the color of the next card (red – black) or that work on the “small – big” principle (the next card falls into the range 2-8 or 9-A, for example).

This is a feature that may seem tempting at first sight, considering that you can double a relatively small prize several times and turn it into a big win. Theoretical! That’s because in the long run you will definitely lose.

Why? The “gamble” function is generally an ingenious method by which slot manufacturers cheat the player’s official winning percentage (payout) of the respective game. This percentage generally varies in the case of online slots between 90% and 98%, but the “double” function gives you only a 50% chance of winning (if we are talking about the classic red – black model). Let’s say you bet 5 lei on a spin on a slot with a 95% player win and win 25 lei, and then decide to try to double the win with a 50% chance. It is possible to win this time, but mathematically there is no way you will come out on top in the long term, because you initially risk the 5 lei in a game with a 95% chance of winning, so in which the casino has an advantage anyway, after which again offer a chance (of 50%) that he will take the 5 lei initially bet, plus the winnings achieved (the difference of 20 lei).

Thus, try to avoid the doubling feature as much as possible and focus only on the “core” game when it comes to slots.

Top mistakes in video slots – not playing all paylines

playing online slots

This happens most often when the player’s “bank” (budget) is considerably reduced and he decides to lower the stake in order to continue playing, hoping to catch a “special” (bonus game, free spins, etc.) . However, this seems like a sure way to lose what little money you have left in your account.

Of course, it will happen from time to time that you catch a winning combination even on the few betting lines played and this will “lift” you for a while, but in the long run it cannot be a winning tactic.

Let’s say you’re betting on just 10 paylines on a slot that normally has 30 lines and a 95% player win. You must know first of all that this player’s win is calculated taking into account all 30 lines. By playing on only 10 lines you considerably lower the stake, but at the same time you greatly reduce your chances of winning. And even if you catch, for example, three scatter symbols, which generally trigger free spins, you will not be able to fully enjoy the special function.

In addition, you will often be put in frustrating situations, where you catch extremely profitable combinations (eg 5 identical symbols), but realize that the respective payline was not “activated”.

Even if you have a small budget, before you decide to bet on fewer paylines, consider other options (if available). It is more advantageous to reduce the bet, in case you were not already at the lowest betting level, or to change the game to one that allows you to lower stakes or that is designed from the start with fewer winning lines (there are also slots with only one payline).

Top online slots mistakes – you increase the bet convinced that you “MUST” win

playing online slots

This error occurs after longer losing streaks and almost inevitably leads to the loss of the entire budget. Even though they know that slots and casino games don’t have a “memory” and that the machine’s history is irrelevant in the short term, many players are thrown off their feet when their bankroll drops considerably during a session. They think that the unlucky streak cannot continue indefinitely and increase the stake with the belief that they will soon catch that bonus that will bring them to the plus. Nothing more fake!

Online slots and more have the payout (the player’s earnings) calculated over a very long term, which involves millions of rotations (spins). Just as you can “hit” bonus after bonus in a short session, you can also encounter very long streaks where the spins do not bring you any winnings.

Thus, do not increase the stake based only on this “feeling”, especially if your budget is already close to zero. Objectively speaking, this tactic will rather reduce your chances of winning, considering that you will allow yourself much fewer spins until your balance reaches zero.

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